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The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media

No matter what; your business needs a social media marketing strategy to get your brand seen and heard online.

Increased Reach

Social Media is the fastest and most cost effective way to get your brand in-front of customers eyes and ears!

Connect With Fans

Keeping close to your customers is important too, return business has be proved to provide up to 28% os revenue!

Gain more customers

Businesses show the number of purchases coming from social media is up to 63%, it’s a great way to get new customers!

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Social Media Marketing The Valhalla Collective


Sadly, most small-sized businesses don’t use social media marketing to grow!  Confused by algorithms, content and optimisation, it becomes a rabbit hole of stress and overwhelm.  The fact is , social media has the ability to revolutionise sales, growth and brand development. 

Social media marketing  generates potential customers because digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram know (with the help of data they receive from their users) when and where your product should be placed, not just to get impressions (eyes on your stuff), but your potential customers.

Top Reasons You Social Media Marketing

Greater Customer Reach

Every business wants to reach its potential customers one way or another, then why not choose social media as a sniper tool to target people who are interested in your products? Social media marketing tools make sure that you are not wasting your marketing budget on an audience that is not interested in your products. Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram determine the audience of an ad campaign based on their interactions and behaviours.

Smaller Budget – Larger Audience – Budget-Friendly Marketing

Gone are the days when companies used to throw a lot of money at old fashioned ads.  The new way of generating sales is digital advertising.  Social media marketing has opened up a plethora of opportunity for businesses to make money, sweeping old school marketing ways under the carpet, in favour of new and up-to-date methods.  In fact last year 12 billion pounds was spent on digital advertising…  A staggering figure, and its predicted to grow by 13% next year.  It does go without saying, that digital advertising is more cost effective than, billboard, radio, flyers etc. it has the potential to reach a greater number of people, whilst being trackable & scaleable.   

Brand Your Products Through Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics

Businesses know social media platforms are where they can run their ads but it’s incredibly difficult to be succesfull without experience, knowledge and skill in creating campaigns that convert. Many small businesses need the help of a marketing company to run ad campaigns.  A business owners nightmare is wasting ad budget on campaigns that bring no revenue and no brand development, and Facebook business manager is a soul destroying place if the numbers don’t look good.  A good marketing campaign should stop viewers scrolling, leaving long-lasting traces of your product in the viewer’s mind, thankfully The Valhalla Collective has created amazing campaigns for clients over the past three years.  We know just how to scroll stop, retarget and create those touch points customers need before making a purchase. 

Social Media Marketing is Not Only About Paying For Ads

Yes! This is what businesses miss-understand about social media marketing.  Social Media marketing is not only about spending money on ads, it’s just as important to have an organic strategy too.  Having a comprehensive organic strategy boosts the algorithm, and will end up in helping your ads perform better too.  The beauty of organic, is that:

1. It’s FREE.

2. It gives you a chance to really connect without being overly salesy!

Remember, social media is where people hang out to be social, NOT to be sold to.  here at The Valhalla Collective, we expertly manage client’s social media as well as create, test, optimise and scale ad campaigns.  We’re super proud to maintain a 5* rating across the board and our clients LOVE working with us!

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