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How to get more Customers from Social Media Marketing?

Ever Wondered How To Get More Customers from Your Social Media Accounts?

Leveraging your business social media as a MUST for small and medium businesses! The power of social is huge – with 82% of people using Social Media EVERY single day, it’s a tool you’ve simply got to tap into.

Although, people don’t use Facebook to be sold to, it’s a great way to stay close to your current customers and develop new ones too.

Here at The Valhalla Collective, we’ve been helping SME thrive online by managing their social media marketing campaigns and strategies. We develop on brand content, at post it for our clients, giving them the freedom to work ON their business not IN their business!

The Valhalla Collective Social Media Marketing Agency
The Valhalla Collective – Social Media Marketing Experts

So What’s Our Advice…

I’m going address ONE big point in this article, because it’s SUPER important.

Consistency – Omnipresence – Rounded

Three words – that hold the answer!

Social Media Marketing The Valhalla Collective
Where to start….?

Being at the forefront of a customer’s mind, is the most powerful marketing tool available to us

Gareth Johnson CEO The Valhalla Collective

The three golden words can be turned into one phrase – being ever present!

I cannot stress enough how important it is, to have a consistent digital profile. Don’t forget, Facebook, Instagram etc. are powered by algorithms. We’ve got to convince their fancy algorithms, that out content is worthy of being shown to their users, and being CONSISTENT really helps with that.

Stats show that on average, it takes between 7-12 ‘touch points’ before a customer makes a purchase – think about your Amazon cart right now, I know mine is full!!

So, we want to offer friendly reminders to potential customers, but NOT in a salesy way. If a potential customer see’s your brand / business once a day, they’ll speed along the customer journey, they’ll develop an affinity to your business and you can start to establish some authority.

The All Seeing Eye…

What is doubly as helpful, is if your content constantly reminds the customer of the pain/problem you’re solving and why YOUR product or service will make their live SO MUCH better!

The Valhalla Collective Content Marketing
The Importance of Content Marketing

If you can tailor your content to fit your avatar, you’ll always be speaking to them in a salesy way – without being salesy! That’s the best thing about content marketing and social media marketing, it gives you a chance to brag – without saying ‘so are you interested in purchasing today’.

But What About The 3 Words?


If your social media marketing can be:

  • Consistent – posting regularly
  • Omnipresent – posting on several different platforms
  • Rounded – all ties together in one brand message

Then you’re on the right track to speed customers along the customer journey, and develop more sales and leads for your business.

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Well, there you have it!

the importance of those three words and why your social media marketing strategy, should incorporate those aspects. It’s super important to be consistent, that’s the main take away.

Go and be consistent, and you’ll appreciate the value further down the line!

How To Optimise Your Social Media Profiles…

How To Optimise Your Social Media Profiles and Leverage To Generate More Sales For Your Business...

It goes without saying most small – medium business owners would LOVE more sales flooding their business.  But, the difficulty generating sales can be really difficult… 


One aspect of running a business, is deciding on marketing methods, strategies and implementing them to best match your business goals. 


The fact that over 82% of people use social media every single day should drive you to the conclusion of…





Where do we start?… 

Well firstly, decide which platforms you feel comfortable with.  I’m not going to lie, there’s pros and cons to every singe platform, so I’d recommend starting and focussing on TWO to start with. 

The two most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram…

So, start with those!


This is your first impression, your business identity.  Be sure to use a high quality graphic that resonates with your brand. 

Make sure it’s easily identifiable and can be ready easily (super important as the logo will be small). 


The bio section of your social profiles is the most valuable space for you to optimise. 

Visitors should know exactly what you do/ offer within 10 seconds of being there. 

Remember, a confused customer will always say no.

Make it really simple for them to understand what pain or problem you can help them with!


Depending on your business, emojis are an important part of your bio and your brand message. 

The digital craze has set the online world alight, and you must not miss out!

Humans resonate with emojis and it gives a great opportunity to break up and structure your bio perfectly.



Generally, you’re only allowed ONE link on social media profiles. 

Linking your website, is a great start!

However, platforms such as LINKTREE are great tools to help you add more links, to more notable places for your business!



Facebook and Instagram are great at letting you add buttons to your profile. 

You can easily add contact buttons, services and appointments etc. 

Remember its so important to make it easy for people to connect with your business, the easier you make it the more engaged people will be!


Feel free to contact us to find out more on how YOU can leverage your socials to maximise profit and generate new customers along the way!


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Social Media Marketing The Valhalla Collective

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media

No matter what; your business needs a social media marketing strategy to get your brand seen and heard online.

Increased Reach

Social Media is the fastest and most cost effective way to get your brand in-front of customers eyes and ears!

Connect With Fans

Keeping close to your customers is important too, return business has be proved to provide up to 28% os revenue!

Gain more customers

Businesses show the number of purchases coming from social media is up to 63%, it’s a great way to get new customers!

FREE Social Media Audit

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The Valhalla Collective FREE Social Media Audit
Social Media Marketing The Valhalla Collective


Sadly, most small-sized businesses don’t use social media marketing to grow!  Confused by algorithms, content and optimisation, it becomes a rabbit hole of stress and overwhelm.  The fact is , social media has the ability to revolutionise sales, growth and brand development. 

Social media marketing  generates potential customers because digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram know (with the help of data they receive from their users) when and where your product should be placed, not just to get impressions (eyes on your stuff), but your potential customers.

Top Reasons You Social Media Marketing

Greater Customer Reach

Every business wants to reach its potential customers one way or another, then why not choose social media as a sniper tool to target people who are interested in your products? Social media marketing tools make sure that you are not wasting your marketing budget on an audience that is not interested in your products. Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram determine the audience of an ad campaign based on their interactions and behaviours.

Smaller Budget – Larger Audience – Budget-Friendly Marketing

Gone are the days when companies used to throw a lot of money at old fashioned ads.  The new way of generating sales is digital advertising.  Social media marketing has opened up a plethora of opportunity for businesses to make money, sweeping old school marketing ways under the carpet, in favour of new and up-to-date methods.  In fact last year 12 billion pounds was spent on digital advertising…  A staggering figure, and its predicted to grow by 13% next year.  It does go without saying, that digital advertising is more cost effective than, billboard, radio, flyers etc. it has the potential to reach a greater number of people, whilst being trackable & scaleable.   

Brand Your Products Through Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics

Businesses know social media platforms are where they can run their ads but it’s incredibly difficult to be succesfull without experience, knowledge and skill in creating campaigns that convert. Many small businesses need the help of a marketing company to run ad campaigns.  A business owners nightmare is wasting ad budget on campaigns that bring no revenue and no brand development, and Facebook business manager is a soul destroying place if the numbers don’t look good.  A good marketing campaign should stop viewers scrolling, leaving long-lasting traces of your product in the viewer’s mind, thankfully The Valhalla Collective has created amazing campaigns for clients over the past three years.  We know just how to scroll stop, retarget and create those touch points customers need before making a purchase. 

Social Media Marketing is Not Only About Paying For Ads

Yes! This is what businesses miss-understand about social media marketing.  Social Media marketing is not only about spending money on ads, it’s just as important to have an organic strategy too.  Having a comprehensive organic strategy boosts the algorithm, and will end up in helping your ads perform better too.  The beauty of organic, is that:

1. It’s FREE.

2. It gives you a chance to really connect without being overly salesy!

Remember, social media is where people hang out to be social, NOT to be sold to.  here at The Valhalla Collective, we expertly manage client’s social media as well as create, test, optimise and scale ad campaigns.  We’re super proud to maintain a 5* rating across the board and our clients LOVE working with us!

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