Full Website Premium Audit


We’ll tell you how to IMMEDIATELY improve your website!

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The team here at The Valhalla Collective are delighted to offer you this insane ONE OFF payment!

We’ll take a good look at your website (yes, all of it) and we’ll asses it!

Firstly we’ll check it lives up to our ‘five pillars’ infrastructure:

  1. Is it fast and responsive?
  2. Is it optimised and mobile friendly?
  3. Is it safe and reliable?
  4. Is it aesthetically pleasing and effective?
  5. Is it fully comprehensive and functional?

Then, once we’ve seen whats what with those – we’ll go into the content on the site and asses its effectiveness.

We use software to assess sites as well as our expert eyes.  We have built, tested and assessed many websites – so we know what we’re doing!

This one off service will be carried out by one of our experts – there are four of us!  It usually takes 2-3 days and we’ll give you your results in a handy results pack.

In these results packs we try and add loads fo value to help you grow!

With loads of hints and tips, examples and expert insights that would cost hundreds on a consultancy rate!


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