And We’re Off

First of all we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


We’re super excited to be starting a new decade and we’ll be entering our third year of helping SME’s grow, develop and succeed.



Thing’s are all systems go at TVC, with a whole host of new clients to assist and to help our regulars continue to grow.  



With our team of marketing experts we are more than equipped to help our fellow businesses develop.  After all, targets are made to be broken…


With entering a new decade, it has given us a chance to asses our business and what we offer people like you!


With a number of things changing online in the marketing world, (Instagram changing it’s algorithm, Google Ads becoming over crowded and Facebook being, well, Facebook), it can be confusing what is right and wrong.





We know what we’re doing, we were prepared for the changes and we know and understand how they affect us and our clients.


With more business being concluded online (billions of pounds spent on digital marketing each year), it’s more important than ever to have a beautifully polished presence online.


Humans are drawn to videos and beautiful graphics more than ever, and it’s becoming more important to fulfil our desire for beauty and aesthetically pleasing things.



Fortunately, our team of experts are, well, experts at this!


We create beautiful videos, graphics & even audio every day.  It’s part of our marketing strategies, which are always personalised.  It keeps things fresh and brings in serious results!



But, that’s all for now, we’d best get back to work …



Over and out …